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Logic of Spirituality (A Speech by Swami Chinmayananda)

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Charms of technology have enthralled the public almost as a danseuse will. If we carefully look back on the history of the world, it is clear we are the saddest generation of humanity. But why? The caveman had his laughter and was happy. The modern days of rat race show improvements only on the outside surface. In the absence of a set of values for ourselves how can there be happiness for human living? The over-development of one cell to the exclusion of others is called cancer in medical terms. The faster development of one facet of civilization irrespective of the other facets is the cancer of modern times. Instincts and impulses rule us. Each one of us is honestly searching for happiness in the wrong direction. Desire after desire is what makes us unhappy. What is the purpose of existence? There is an infinite variety in nature. Who created this variety? Why? Such questions do not arise in the animal mind. Question, Enquiry, Discovery – this should be our style of living.

Everything is conditioned by Time and Space. BMI is constantly changing. So is FET. At our present level of evolution man cannot observe the world objectively. Einstein himself despaired because of two changing factors. ‘Jagat’, the universe, itself comes from the root word which means change or flux. So to the question ‘What is unchanging?’ you cannot answer from your experience. Only the Rishis can answer. There exists something which does not change. Who is knowing that everything is changing? When you watch the roadside traffic, you are the Subject; everything else is the Object. Is there not in you a centre which is observing, knowing and becoming conscious of all changes? If I am also changing I cannot observe the change. If you are part of the system of movement, you cannot be a witness to the movement. But you are conscious that everything is changing. Therefore you must be the changeless.

There exists something in you which is changeless – in your BMI. This subjective essence in me is changeless, because it is not conditioned by space and time. This immortal essence, essential ‘I’ in my true nature, is the pure Consciousness, Light or Awareness. All our experiences are dancing about because of this. They are all shining because of this Awareness. That which you are not aware of does not exist. That there exists such an essential Reality is the theme of all scriptures. There exists something higher in every one of us. It is called Brahman. That is not a thing in itself. It is represented by AUM. It stands for the changeless centre from which one picks up all his conscious experiences.

Matter is inert ( no locomotion ) and insentient ( no awareness). “I” am also matter but “I” have locomotion and sentience. Therefore there exists something other than matter. In the bulb there exists something other than the bulb which makes it glow. In the steam engine there exists something other than the engine which is propelling it. It is the Power, Shakti. We perceive, feel, think and express. Life in you and me is the speaker, thinker. The power in the incandescent light is the electrical energy. Life is one such energy. It expresses you in you, me in me, the bird in the bird and the plant in the plant. Life is one. Its expressions are of infinite variety. This essentiual Reality is the centre of every one of us. Without it we are zero, without expression, without emotion, without understanding. This Life is in the core of every one of us.

The Rishis said “God” instead of “Life”. They say: By “His” Grace. It is only a question of language. This Life is my true nature. I play the part of the physical me, the psychological me, the intellectual me. They constitute the little ego, little self. We must realise our own higher nature.

When you have lost your car key and keep searching it all the place and finally your finger touches the key in your own pocket, you cry: “Hurray, I have got it”. You have not ‘got’ it; it was already there. So also you realise your own Self by a spark of illumination.

In your own non-apprehension of Reality, you misunderstand everything. You are not ‘this’ which you think you are. You are ‘That’. Rishis awaken you to that state of Consciousness. Just as the entire world of dream experience merges in the Seer, so also the different planes of Consciousness merge in that one Consciousness. But preparatory qualities are necessary to enter that state. Similarly, contemplation is not possible if you are preoccupied by OET. Only a still quietened mind can turn the instrument of Consciousness higher. To strive for that or not is your choice. Whoever forgets his own nature we call him mad, cranky, crazy. We have forgotten that our true nature is divine nature.

Darwin could not know it. He said the higher species is ‘Super Man’. Not Super Man, but Man in perfection is God. This is the highest goal.

What will happen to the world if every one reaches this goal? The question is like asking: If everybody becomes healthy what would happen to the hospitals and doctors? Then why am I telling you all? To strive is itself the goal. Striving to reach the highest, you reach a higher peak of existence. Then your reaction, your response, your relations with others will radically change. You are potentially capable of higher things.

You don’t have to go to the Himalayas to do it. Stay where you are. Nature has kept you in the right place. Strive. Learn to stand erect. Keep the integrity. Judge for yourself. Make the mistakes yourself. Don’t allow others to make them for you. How many times have you fallen before you learnt cycling? How many times have you drank water before you learnt swimming? How many times have you tumbled before you learnt to walk? Uphold the dignity of the intellect. Learn to live a noble life. Hari Om.

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